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What’s up, urban gardeners? Gardening season is finally here. Most of us hobby gardeners start preparing for the gardening season in early April, that’s why we have prepared a lot of interesting content that will guide you through the entire gardening season with Urban Planty.

Using fresh herbs can make a huge difference in almost any dish, but they’re not always available everywhere, so why wouldn’t you have your own fresh herbs at home? When you find yourself cooking with tons of fresh herbs, it might be beneficial to start your own herb garden. In our 1st gardening season with Urban Planty we will learn a lot of new things and answer to basic questions like how to grow plants from seed, how to use and store fresh herbs, why fresh herbs are healthy and medicinal, how to successfully get a wonderful garden with lots of greenery on your balcony and much more…

The content of the publications was divided by the weeks in which each herb will be presented separately. We start with basil and continue with cress, dill, thyme and so on…

Prepare your gloves and stay tuned!

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We want to offer the Urban Planty community all the necessary information and experience for successfully growing herbs, spices, flowers and orchids in a small space.

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