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Unique urban garden for growing herbs, flowers, orchids & vegetables.

Best vertical garden idea for a tiny space.

Urban Planty is the ultimate urban garden specially designed for having herbs or flowers at the reach of your hands during all seasons.

Urban Planty I Vertical Garden

169 EUR 129 EUR

Design your very own Urban Planty vertical garden!

Coconut Pots

Best space saving solution ever

Easy assemble

Plants always at your fingertips

No drilling required

For indoors and outdoors

Unique design

Excellent growing conditions

Our Urban Planty vertical garden is the perfect small space solution.

If you're living in a small home, though, you don't need to sacrifice greenery for floor space thanks to a vertical garden. Urban Planty represents one of the simplest accessories for urban gardening, it's resistant to weather conditions and more importantly, no drilling is required!

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